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Will you take me as I am?

I have been in a good mood lately - it is amazing how much stress impacts a person's mood.

In less than three weeks I'll be graduating with my masters. My work for the semester is dwindling down to one last presentation (of 45 minutes, but at least this one I have group members) and two more papers. I have a lot to look forward to- a hot stone massage the day before my graduation, then my graduation (and celebration with my loves), then two days later I will be sailing the high seas on Royal Caribbean to Key West, Cozumel and Belize. What happens after that... who knows. Still no word back from the PhD program (UCF has already made its selection for the program - I waited too long to take my GMAT again. Whether or not I have a chance simply depends on if anyone who received acceptance says no because they were accepted somewhere else. Worse case scenario, I get a big kid job, get more experience and get my CPA license - and apply again in 2011 as a better candidate, since they want CPA's with experience for the PhD program.)

Things with Kevin have been really, really good lately. I said some shitty things last Tuesday/Wednesday & things have been worked out with my problems since the last post. I'm so happy with him. I really feel that the more time we spend together - the better our relationship gets. He is so great - and I hate myself for not having appreciated him like I should. I'm totally changing that so I show him more often just how much I love him. Sometimes I just take in the moment & think how happy I am to have him/to be marrying him. Last night I felt so content. We went to this place Bayside Sushi in Longwood - it looks like a hole in the wall place but it is actually pretty cute inside. They had all you can eat sushi; you pick out the rolls you want & they make them for you (none of that nasty, been sitting under a lamp sushi like at crazy buffet). It was delicious & only $20 a person. Between us we had ten rolls and one piece of sushimi, two bowls of miso soup and two ginger salads - which came to $44. Great deal :) Even though they don't have brown rice, like Kevin & I usually get, it was still really delicious. Afterward, we went to the House of Hookah - Winter Park's only hookah bar. It was our first time at a hookah bar & we enjoyed it. We had wanted to meet up with some friends this past weekend at a hookah bar and now we know - it is totally the way to go. A great place to sit and socialize with friends - that doesn't involve calories from alcohol, though I do enjoy that from time to time :)

I've been listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell lately. Her music from the sixties... It just is a perfect representation of the spirit that was alive back then. I wish I was alive back then. Beautiful voice & music - many of my favorite artists were inspired by her like Led Zeppelin (who wrote "Going to California" about the song I'm playing right now), Maynard (from Tool/A Perfect Circle), and other artists like Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Björk, Stevie Nicks, Jeff Buckley, Clannad, Elvis Costello, Dan Fogelberg, Janet Jackson, Maynard James Keenan (Tool), Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Chan Marshall (Cat Power), George Michael, Morrissey, Juice Newton, Conor Oberst, Prince, The Roots, Roxette, Shakira, The Sundays, Fiona Apple, Holly Brook, and KT Tunstall. (I copied & pasted that from wikipedia, lol)

To everyone reading this - I sending love to you all :) At times like this, when my head is clear from the pressures of stress, I think of everyone in my life & how I am so thankful for all of you & your impacts on me :)

Peace & Love.
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