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Fights galore. Everyone cannot stand anyone.

My better half just asked me about one thing that I like about him - because I apparently harp on him for "so many things" that I wish he'd change. In reality, there are three (somewhat major) areas I wish he would evolve/grow past. However, since he never really tries all too hard to change any of the three - they are brought up from time to time which may seem like a lot to him. I just want him to grow as a person/to evolve into something better. Everyday I strive to change myself for the better - and if someone pointed out a weakness of mine that should be focused on, I would appreciate the help in reforming for the better. I only tell him about these areas because I care about him. Yet all he seems to get out of it is criticism. It does not matter that I try to do it in a constructive way. There is no such thing as constructive with him - he's so sensitive to anything I say.

I'm off to the gym, again. Tomorrow is going to be a nice day: I have planned another trip to the gym in the morning, followed by a hot stone massage, followed by a shower & nap - then followed by a graduation party at Howl at the Moon. I'm stoked about the four new dresses I bought... And I cannot wait to wear them. (It took me hours to find these - that is not an exaggeration in the slightest)

Saturday I will graduate with my masters !! :) Woot!

Sunday is Mother's Day <3

And Monday I depart from this brick of land on the cruise :) I need a vacation - this semester was horrible with stress.
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