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Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

October winds

I'm on my lunch break. TGIF to the max.

Some cool things have been happening... They are little but still. For starters, last weekend when I was out with Sam, I ran into a sensei of mine (I guess I technically have two - I ran into the one that I don't see too often). It was really great to see him. I miss martial arts so very much. Every time I think about it - I feel terribly guilty to have taken the hiatus that I have. My life is just too busy right now with my new job & new house that I couldn't go even if I wanted to... Though, I do want to. But at the same time - I have issues with getting hit by some of the guys in areas that aren't cool to hit. This is one of the initial reasons for my absence.

Regardless, when I ran into my sensei - it was awesome. He asked me how I was doing. I gave him a brief summary: I graduated with my masters, I got a great job, I bought a house all by myself and I'm engaged... I wasn't bragging... Just a lot has happened. But what felt really good about it is that - I know it will find it's way back to my ex, who still keeps in touch with the whole gang. Is it wrong for me to be happy & proud of what I've accomplished for myself and like for him to know about it? I don't know. I really don't give a flying fuck about him... But yet, I want him to hear about how well I'm doing.

Last night was pretty great, too. My audit firm hosted an event at UCF with the Student Accounting Society & Beta Alpha Psi (the honors accounting fraternity that I am an alumni member of). Though I didn't recognize any of my fellow classmates from grad school - just being there reminded me of how lucky I am to have the job that I do. I saw the nervousness on the student's faces when they spoke with me... And I remember being there. Also, I thought of how fricking awesome it is that I will never do inventory since I work in the banking industry. I remember hearing horror stories from other auditors who did inventory at 10pm on Christmas eve in the dark for their job. So glad that I only audit banks - so I don't stay too late and I even get off for bank holidays. I just need to remind myself when I get frustrated just how bad it could be.

The house deal is going great. Both it's home & termite inspection went well - as did it's appraisal. I'm hoping to get the keys before the end of the month... It excites me beyond anything else I can describe. I so badly need my own space. My co-worker is going to give me her cleaning supplies since she is moving to Germany (her husband got a job there since he is in the army). I thought that was awesome because ...well, I don't have anything like that. I'm going to get Kevin's plates, vacuum, towels and I bought silverware but... I really have nothing. So cleaning supplies will be great :)

I'm going to be so sad to see my co-worker go. She's only a year older than me... And we are so alike. I think she is someone I could really get along with on a personal level. Figures that she would move. :( It's hard having friends that live long distances away or having friends with total different schedules than you do. Also, from a work perspective, she has been on every job that I have been on since I started. She helps me with any questions I have or whatever. She's just a ball of positive energy. Always happy, always smiling. She loves her husband so much & speaks so highly about him that... I don't know, it makes me miss Kevin even more. It's like her good energy rubs off on me. I wish more people were like her. Because, just like you get into bad moods when you hang out with negative people - you are impacted by the moods/personalities of those around you. I know we'll keep in touch via facebook but I wish I could have a friend in town with the same hours as I have. I'm afraid I might get a little lonely living alone... Ha, yeah right ;)

Speaking of that, my dad wants me to get married earlier. Kevin promised my dad he would not marry me until he graduated - tentatively, we had planned for October 2010. But, as it turns out, the earliest Kevin could graduate would be Spring 2011. So, since I want to get married in October, the wedding would then be in October 2011. This is the puzzling part. My dad wants me to get married sooner.... At first I thought it was because he was fearful of me living on my own (for safety purposes) but now I don't know. He started giving me this crap about how I might not be able to live with anyone ever again if I live by myself. Hm. He said I'm too selfish that if I get my own space I may never want to give it up. Really? What an asshole. To be expected, of course. I responded to this "Didn't you live on your own for years before you got married?". His response, "Yeah, but I'm less selfish than you". My response? Hysterical laughing until he stopped trying to talk to me. I kept saying, "Oh! That was a good one! You almost had me going for a moment there!". Dick. Though I was laughing, I didn't let him know just how much he had pissed me off. I told Kevin about it - and he responded with "Well, he doesn't know you". That is true. He has never tried to get to know me either. Just another reminder why my dad is such as asshole/why we don't get along. He's a sexist & I'm a feminist. They don't mix well. That is just how it goes. He was such a jerk when I told him about my contract being accepted on the house. To the (several) negative responses he said - I replied "You can't ruin this for me". And with that, I turned & left.

I can't wait to get away from them. I think my attitude would be better if I wasn't constantly taking in their negativity all the time.

Halloween is coming! Kevin & I are going to be hippies. I thought about being John & Yoko... But it won't happen I don't think. Kevin says I'm too pretty to be Yoko. lol Whatever.

Happy Fall to everyone <3 Peace & Love.
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