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Down by the Seaside (National Bank & Trust)

So I always bring my lunch - I get to eat lunch by myself & have some stressless peace & quiet/some reflection time. Also - some facebook time. Well, the client I'm working at today has FB blocked. So... LIVEJOURNAL IT IS :)

I've been thinking about how I've been wanting to update this thing recently anyhow. This gives me the time to do so!

Christmas just passed. I had one of the best holidays that I've had in a while. My mom, uncle, and g-ma went over to Kevin's parent's house to meet their whole family (FOR THE FIRST TIME) along with his uncle and aunt. It was awesome. I realized I really like hanging out around his family. I don't know if it used to be that way but it definitely is now. I also realize how much I really appreciate holidays that cherish your family time now that I have moved out.

My house is going awesomely well (I absolutely love my neighbors - I actually hang out with them). I got some susie-homemaker stuff for christmas which is totally alright with me. A ceramic teapot, cast iron teapot, coffee maker, ipod alarm clock (much, much needed), ipod player for the shower (awesome), coach bag, teas, chopping board, knives, external hard drive, awesome new perfume (I picked it out a long time ago & Kevin bought me the gift set of it), a new beautiful Buddha to add to my collection and some other really neat stuff. I thought the most thoughtful gift was from my mom - who put together a photo album of my entire relationship with Kevin - from the first two months to this thanksgiving. Pictures from halloweens, pictures from my masters graduation, pictures from our famous monthaversaries and pictures from me being fresh out of the hospital (twice over). I thought that was super awesome & a might time consuming thing to do. My relationship with my entire family has gotten much, much better & stronger since I have moved out. I still go over to their house to eat dinner a couple of times a week. It's nice. I still feel like I belong there since nothing has really changed there. My dad & brother are currently overseas. I hope they come back & are ok. There are protests going on right now.

Hooray for a (hopefully) 3 1/2 day work week. I say hopefully because that is what last week was supposed to look like but I ended up working until 5pm on Christmas eve. LAME. I got so upset over the whole day that I cried a little on the way home - blame it on the hormones, that is what I do. And my stressful job. It's like I'm just supposed to know what to do. Anyone that can show me what to do is so stressed over whatever else that they just tell me to "figure it out". Well, as it turns out - I fucked up a test that I spent two whole days on. So... That is cool. Way to go, guys. Maybe when I asked questions next time - you might actually think about answering me.

Things with Kevin are awesome. He's spending more time at my house. To date, no one has been to my house except for my immediate family, my uncle & g-ma & Kevin. Why? I work (what feels like) 110 hours a week. In reality I work like 50 hours a week plus drive time (another 10 hours a week depending on the client). Fun stuff.

This weekend I actually just relaxed for a bit. Having the three day weekend allowed me to do so. I miss just hanging out, laying in my bed - relaxing, reading, whatever. I miss grad school - when I thought I was too busy for things (ha). Granted I was busy - but not like this. I feel like my job owns me right now. Starting in Jan - March I will be working mandatory Saturdays. Fuck. Me. I'm so not looking forward to this. Basically, my one day to myself will be spent going grocery shopping & doing laundry. And they wonder why this profession burns people out after a couple of years. Ha.

I saw Avatar with Kevin & his friends on Saturday. IMAX + 3D = Awesome. I really didn't think I'd like it but - I really, really did. James Cameron = genius. It has a message that I am seeing become more and more common. I just hope people get it. As for me, I have a new found respect for James Cameron.

For everyone who is experiencing something they call "winter break" - I hate you. I'm so jealous. I miss school - where I had summer, spring and winter breaks - and when I had the time to go to the post office (which is virtually impossible now). Don't get me wrong, I love my job - it's a good job - but it's just draining me right now. The worst part, though, it's just around the corner.

I don't want the holidays to end :( I don't want busy season to commence :( I miss everyone dearly.
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