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Siesta Key bliss (round two)

Kevin & I made our second trip to Siesta Key last weekend (Labor Day weekend = paid holiday for the both of us, plus a free day from class for Kevin). It was just as marvelous as it was the first time around. We made it to our favorite little tea house (Tastefully British), celebrated our 3rd anniversary with the tradition of eating at Ruth's Chris (in Sarasota) and made sure to go to both Sun Garden Cafe and SunniBunni twice.

Siesta Key is a magical place for Kevin & I. Both time we've gone we have come back longing for each other's presence so strongly that the separation seems painful. Maybe it's the long walks on the beach at night or snuggling up in the hotel room with the A/C on 68 degrees or the fact that everything we come across on these trips never ceases to impress us. This time we stayed at Hotel Indigo - a lovely little place that is all about being environmentally friendly ... And is just awesome. They have their own little bar/lounge/restaurant. It's so charming - and surprising, given that the hotel really isn't that big.

In other news, I have taken all four parts of the CPA exam. I have received my results from 3 of the 4 - all the results so far were passing. The fourth exam, however, I have not heard back from yet and I am so fucking nervous. This is the part I studied the most for, by far. And yet, the part that I really feel I didn't do well on. In fact, after I type this up, I plan on hitting the books. I'm fearful that I failed it. What sucks is that I only have one more shot at taking this exam this year. On January 1, 2011 - the exam changes. Not only will IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) be added to it but the format of the exam will change, too. So, this means, if I fail this exam - I'll have to come back after my honeymoon - during the second busiest part of the year for work - and try to re-take the exam to pass. The chances of that are slim because my job devours my life. Not only do I work too fucking much but I have an hour drive home from just about all my clients. Which leaves very little time to come home and study. I'm so scared. I'm mainly scared because I studied so much. Part of me thinks I really did give it my all - and I don't know what else to do. I ran out of time on the exam. I didn't finish. When I think about it - my guts churn. I would give anything to find out I passed it. Le sigh.

In other-other news, Kevin is moving in this weekend. It's super nice that he's moving in the weekend after Siesta. We're both a bit recharged from our weekend getaway & missing each other so much. It will be nice when he moves in because we so rarely see each other now - with him working full time and being a full time student and with me working as much/driving as much as I do (and studying if I fail the 4th part of the exam). I'm also scared because I've only ever lived with my family. I don't know how someone is going to like living with me who hasn't been raised in the same environment as me. I hope I'm not unbearable. Living alone this past year has been awesome. The house is quiet when I want it to be - when I want to play my music I do so without complaint... And if I feel like busting out dancing & singing, I have no shame to do so. Not that I think Kevin will complain about my music but I won't think it's fair to play whatever I want... Especially being that his favorite band happens to be my least favorite. Aside from the one band, we have near identical tastes in music, though I tease him a lot about things.

Yes, so that must mean the wedding is fast approaching. So much to look forward to :) I still need to buy some awesome shoes for my wedding dress.... :)

Yikes, just saw my credit card transactions for the month. Ouch. I had a bit of a shopping spree this past weekend. I never find good business shirts for petite women EVER. And this weekend, I found them all over the place. They were all good deals, too so - I had to take advantage. I'm so excited to have some nicer business shirts. On a side note, wherever I go - I'm a size 0 or an x-small. What does this mean? Well, it means that all of America must be obese by now because I certainly would never envision myself as a size 0 or a size x-small. Wtf, America? The only purchase I made for myself this weekend non-shirt related is a tiny pure sterling hand carved toe ring from Siesta. My last trip to Siesta, I bought earrings for myself as a souvenir. This time, I have a lovely little toe ring bought from an independent shop owned by the man who etched the carvings himself. It's so pretty. Something to stare at when I do yoga, though I admit it has been a while since I've attended a class... I still do some yoga poses in the house :)

...I wear my little toe ring always. At work, underneath my stifling (but stylish) suits and closed toed shoes, I sport my Siesta toe ring. I feel as though a man who fancies wearing ladies panties must feel - I walk around with the silent pleasure of knowing I'm wearing something beneath it all that no one can see: a little piece of me (my style) beneath the business ...a magical token from Siesta.

Peace & Love.
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