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Two thousand ten... Going, going... ((gone))

I went to bed with Kevin around midnight. I laid in bed for a few minutes before realizing - there is just no way I'm going to fall asleep right now. I crept out of the room and across the house to the office. Here, I'm in the company of good insomnia friends: books, computers and internet... Oh my!

You would think that I would be wiped out after driving two hours back from Tampa in the Thanksgiving traffic this afternoon.... Directly after taking a (very stressful) four hour CPA exam in Tampa. But, no, I'm not. I hope this insomnia doesn't become a part of my every day life... I've been getting the worst sleep lately. I had hoped it had something to do with the CPA exam - but yet tonight I cannot find the desire to sleep.

A lot has happened since I last posted.... For one, I'm now a married woman. Our wedding in Jamaica on 10-10-10 was absolutely beautiful. I honestly would not have changed a single thing. When I think about it - I'm still amazed by how smoothly everything went and how perfect everything turned out. I wish I would have posted an entry about it when I got back into the States ...but instead I was studying for the final part of my CPA exam (which I took today - or yesterday, technically, seeing as it is past midnight). Luckily, on our wedding day, my mom gave us both journals to write in during the honeymoon to track our memories. I don't know where she got the idea but I love it. We both received a journal to log the happenings & emotions of our honeymoon & we are not to read each other's journals until our first anniversary. What a thoughtful gift :)

I was thinking the other day - so, so much has happened in the past year and a half. A few highlights:

-Graduating with my Masters last Summer

-Got my "big kid" job using my Masters in Fall. A career is launched! :)

-Bought my house in Fall (with no co-signers!!)

-Bought my first brand new car in Spring of 2010 (with no co-signers!! AND it is paid off!!)

-Took all four part of the CPA exam (currently have 3 passed. I have to wait to hear back from CPA examination services until the end of December for the results of the fourth)

-Got married <3

-Kevin moved in (never really lived with a guy that I wasn't related to before)... And this also means I lived alone for a year, too. Which was pretty nice - a great detox after living with my wonderful but crazy family for so long.

It has been a wonderfully eventful past year and a half. 2010 has been like 14 years of work into one. From January through the end of March I worked six days a week... Then from May 3rd to the end of August I studied (and worked, too) seven days a week - with no breaks or days off. Then from October through November I studied and worked seven days a week (with the exception of my honeymoon for 10 days) for the CPA exam to get my state license.

This is to say - I have spent 7 months of this year sitting behind my laptop 7 days a week - and another 3 months of this year sitting behind my laptop for 6 days a week. Only 2 months of this year did I only work on my laptop 5 days a week. I'm hoping I will have passed the fourth part of the CPA exam - to put an end to all this ridiculousness. I'm ready to rebuild my social life. I'm ready to remember what it feels like to have time for me again... I have books & books that I have planned to read but never had the time to read them. I also have many gym classes that I'm dying to go to that I finally will be able to catch... And renovations to the house I'd like to tend to. So many things to look forward to :)

Alright, I'm signing off with a hopeful dream & pleasant thoughts.

Wishing you all have a very happy Thanksgiving :)
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