Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (misskittykat) wrote,
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

Hello, 2011

A new year has started; a new busy season has begun.

I bid 2010 adieu thoughtfully –with happiness over the accomplishments and celebrations that were had. It was “The Year of Pieces of Paper” for me. Three pieces of paper that changed my life beginning with the purchase of my first brand new car (which is paid off – hence, the first piece of paper) in February, followed by my marriage certificate in October (my Jamaican marriage certificate! lol) and finally my CPA license in December (I made it!! I passed it before 2011!!). True, I haven’t received the actually paper license in the mail just yet – I am a CPA regardless :) 2010 was an eventful year indeed. I spent pretty much the entire year working 6 or 7 days a week… But it paid off. I’m happy with the results and I have no regrets.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to some down time. Right now I’m amidst busy season – working six days a week – so I’m looking forward to April, when it ends. It sounds like so far away but it flies by. January is already close to being over – well, at least 2/3rds done with anyway. If only I didn’t start out the new year being sick. Literally, I was coughing up a storm on New Year’s Eve, unfortunately. I was out of the gym for just a week & a half but all the holiday goodies made me feel like I had been away from the gym for months. After just a week of being back at the gym – I had zumba-ed, ran, gone close to 100 flights of stairs in one visit… That on my week anniversary of being back to the gym, I decided it was a grand idea for me to jog 5 miles. I don’t usually jog 5 miles. I should have known I was pushing it but… Damn, I was jogging laps comfortably at 6.4 mph. That was such a ego boost for me – I was feeling great, I wanted to ride that wave… And I fucking did. I rode the wave right back to being miserably sick again. I actually missed this past Monday since I was so incredibly sick. I still don’t know if I was still kind of sick – where the remnants of the old cold came back into full force again (and with a vengeance) – or if I came across another different bug. Either way, it fucking blew. As much as it is going to kill me – I’m going to stay away from the gym for 2 weeks or so (but I will do light yoga at the house :D). I do not want to be sick anymore. I feel like it is never going to end.

In not-so-great other news, my left eye is softly twitching again. This happened last busy season and persisted through April. Stress? Maybe. Staring at a computer screen for 60 hours a week? Maybe. Losing my fucking mind? Maybe. One thing is for sure, it drives me fucking nuts when it happens. I have no control over it & I hate it.

Kevin is finishing up his final semester of school. I can’t wait for us to have the same schedule. A Monday through Friday schedule – where we get out at a decent hour and get to watch movies at home together any evening of the week that we’d like. Of course, as long as I’m an auditor I’ll have my Saturdays to work from January through the end of March but whatever. This time seems like it will never come – we’ve both been waiting for forever. Me to get done with my CPA license, him with school… I’m also aware of what will be happening almost most definitely with my job. My favorite person is leaving… And if (when) he leaves – I’m going to take over his position. It would be a “promotion”… One that I don’t believe I’m ready for just yet. I’m scared to have his position – even more responsibility and liability. I’m dreading it but I know it is inevitable. The job position has infinitely more stress than I have now… That is a jaw dropper. I’m just mentally preparing myself for this – that is really all I can do at this time. Well, that & hoping that this person doesn’t find another job- but that is just cruel.

Being that my glorious lunch break has ended, I will sum up all my thoughts with a few words:

Happy for the events of the past and optimistic for the events of the future.

Happy New Year’s, 2011 :)
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