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A Happy Anniversary, indeed :)

A lot has happened since I last posted. For starters, I got a new job that I love. This is reason for a yearlong celebration. No matter how stressful or bad a day gets – I always can smile and say, “At least I’m not an auditor”. I messaged my favorite ex-coworker this “Every day I wake up and I’m not an auditor is a good day”. It’s true  I’m no longer an auditor… Now I’m an accounting consultant. And I have my own office… with a door that I love to shut … And a window that overlooks the Heathrow Country Club’s golf course. Nothing to complain about here 

Today is Monday and marks the end of the weekend – I had a fantastic weekend that just passed – soon to be followed up by another fantastic weekend.

This past weekend was my mom’s “Anniversary Party” for Kevin & I. This is how it started: a year ago, when we got back to the states, my mom wanted to do an “American reception” for all the friends and family to attend that couldn’t make it to Jamaica. The idea was primarily for my grandmother, who was upset about not being there. She wanted a big wedding…. She also thinks a big wedding would cost (from start to finish) $2,000. Yeah, right. Anyway, the reception idea kept getting pushed back and pushed away because I didn’t want to – nor did Kevin. Eventually, nearly a year had passed when my mom decided she would make the reception an “anniversary party”. I figured I’d stop resisting for the following reason: it broke my mother’s heart that I did not have a big wedding. I have no apologies for the way I did my wedding – it turned out exactly as Kevin & I had hoped. Yes, I wish more people could have shared the day with us… But having a big wedding was not something that Kevin & I felt comfortable with. I felt bad that it broke my mom’s heart – but I wasn’t about to alter the way I wanted our wedding to be so that it would make my mom happy. Instead, a year later, I decided to succumb to my mom’s wants on this party. She loved doing it – planning out the food, cake and decorations. Clearly, my mom & I are cut from different fabric. Planning an event sounds like a pain in the ass. More power to those of you who love doing it – but that is not me.

The party was small – 12 people total – and included my immediate family (mom, dad and brother), Kevin’s immediate family (mom, dad and sister) and two couple friends (Sam & Dustin and Danielle & John). I was nervous about a couple of things – such as my mom trying to make this a formal event and also me not really knowing how our families would mix together. This was the first time my whole immediate family and Kevin’s whole immediate family had been together. It was the first time my brother met his sister. As it turns out, I think the mixture of people did jibe… And the set up was gorgeous. It was really classy. There was a cake table for our two tiered vegan cake from Raphsodic Bakery (a rosewater icing and lemon cake mixture to pay homage to the Persian rosewater lemonade drink); there was a table for the hor’dourves and entrees; a table for Kevin’s family and my family to sit at; and a table for Kevin & I and our friends to sit at. The decorations were awesome – my mom got purple orchids to match my wedding bouqet and had table cloths over all of the tables. All of this was held on my parent’s back porch – a porch with a gigantic swimming pool and a jacuzzi over overflowing into the swimming pool, both lit up in different colors. My mom had arranged for the loveseat swing to have Christmas lights covering it – along with some sort of material that resembled a bride’s veil. There were little candles lining the screened enclosure of the patio – little candles on each step leading up to the jacuzzi. It was lovely and more than I ever expected. My mom had spared me the details of the decorations in order to keep it a surprise.
During dinner, Kevin later told me, that he said he actually thought, “Man, I wish we could do this more often”. This is so sweet especially considering when we met he believed himself to have social anxiety disorder and despised attending parties with a passion. I loved our guests – both couples drove over an hour to be with us in Orlando. I wish I could round them up more often… I’m definitely thinking about doing dinner parties at our house in the future. The party begun at 6:30/7pm …And the sun was setting at 7:15. Thus, we ate dinner by the candlelight… It really was perfect. I enjoyed the company of our guests and the music selection that I had told my brother to DJ – including songs that were played at our wedding and Van Morrison’s “Moondance” – which is Kevin & I’s song… I think we have about 15 songs, though. My mom, who originally was going to cater the event, made everything herself – vegetarian lasagna, a delicious chicken, broccoli and curry casserole (from weight watchers I believe…. It is really good) and she made two Persian dishes along with brown and white rice. She had enough pre-dinner bites to feed the U.S. Army, too – ranging from grape leaves and tabbouleh to chips and dips. Factor in all this deliciousness along with some wine, spirits and plenty of champagne… We ended up talking around our candlelit table until nearly 1am. Our candles literally were burning themselves out by the time we realized what hour it was. I was super stuffed and so content with the evening. I ended up leaving my parent’s house around 1:30am.

I’m so glad I gave in to the party. It gave us a chance to drink from our “Bride” and “Groom” champagne flutes, use our engraved cake cutter set from Things Remembered (which my mom spent $120 for AFTER we were married – so this was our chance to finally use them!) and cake topper (which toppled off the cake… And my poor little plastic groom lost his head. My dad glued it back on though! Lol). My mom asked me to wear my tiara again…. Which I did. I felt a little silly at first but now I think it’s kind of cool. It glad me the chance to wear it again. I bought a dress a Macy’s – which was originally for going out to dinner with Kevin for our anniversary – but the dress went perfectly with the event. It was a lovely little white dress with a black ribbon wrapped around my rib cage. I made sure the cake matched  I only wish I had take more pictures…
I’m looking forward to next weekend. Kevin & I will read each other’s journals (given to us by my mom on our wedding day – to record the memories of our honeymoon so we could read each other’s thoughts on our first anniversary) and we will eat the top tier of our wedding cake 

Cheers to great times shared with great people! <3 I apologize if you’re reading this and were not there… I wish you could have been. It was my mom’s party at her personal residence – as such, the guest list was her choice. I wish more people could have been there to share in the fun but I guess that just means we’ll have to have more parties in the future to make up for it… ;)
Peace & Love.
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