Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (misskittykat) wrote,
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

August = Back to School Zones

Summer has passed - but being that I finished my masters 3 years ago - summers no longer mean anything to me - except the joy of not having to be slowed down by school zones on my way to work.

I'm so excited to see people actually posted in their livejournals! Awesome :) I love facebook & all - but it's so nice to read the thoughts and feelings of friends that I do not get the chance to speak with regularly.

Not a whole lot is happening with me, really. I've been living it up with the vacation this year. It is the first time in my life that I've been steadily using up my vacation for the year. I still have a 7 day cruise to look forward to - with a balcony no less - and a long weekend in NYC. I've also taken time off for Germany, France, Ireland and Siesta Key this year. I feel quite lucky to have be able to take these trips. The best part yet is that Kevin is ready to travel to Europe with me :) Kevin is usually a beach guy - so the switch to historic and beautiful cities in Europe is exciting!

So much is coming up - last weekend Kevin & I celebrated Kevin's birthday - which is actually on Wednesday this week. He turns 29 - the last year of his twenties. Next weekend in Leanne's bachelorette party - which Samantha & I have a room for downtown. I'm looking forward to a fun girl's night. Can't wait :) The weekend after that is Leanne's wedding - followed by Sam & Dustin's house warming party and Labor Day. Roughly a month after will be our second weddding anniversary. So much to look forward to :) I must remember to work out extra hard for all the goodies I've been consuming. I've cut back on drinking. And, unfortunately, my body seems to hate having drinks now. Kevin & I shared a bottle of wine last week - and I slept horribly afterwards. Wth is that about?

Alright, I must not forget I'm at work. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Peace & Love. <3
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