Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (misskittykat) wrote,
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

It's Hiring Season

I have recently allowed myself to openly admit what I've known for some time now. It's time for a change job-wise.

Today is my two year anniversary of me arriving to this job. I love this job on many levels: I'm happy with my compensation; I have four weeks of PTO per year; I have great hours (40 hour work weeks - never more); I have my own office with a door and a window that overlooks the Heathrow Country Club's Golf Course; I get bonuses and raises each year; I can listen to my pandora on my speakers of my desktop every day. This is my space. I love it. However, the truth is - the longer I stay here, the less marketable I'll be to be hired somewhere else. The reason why is because I work in such a specified area of accounting that once I leave - these accounting skills that I've been using won't translate to other normal corporate accounting jobs. And I don't believe this is where I'll be able to stay until the end of my career.

It all started when the Verizon headquarters moved to down the street. Literally, the address of my company's headquarters which I'm sitting at is 300 and the new building for Verizon is 1000. The building is super close to the Moe's that I frequent. Anyway, my coworker (who has been here for 8 or 9 years) has been telling me that I should get out now. She tells me that she wishes someone would have told her what she's telling me right now when she was only two years in. There's no room to move up in our department. My boss and my boss's boss are going to be here until the day they die (they are the only two positions above me - I oversee four staff that will never get promoted either because they don't have their CPA licenses). In fact, I was literally told - verbatim - that if I wanted my boss's job I'd have to, "carry her out on her chair". There's no misinterpreting that. So, naturally, I'm salivating for Verizon.

My coworker has been telling me this for some time now but I've been in denial. I love working in Heathrow - it's a great drive to work. That's only one of the reasons why Verizon would be amazing to work for. Another reason is that it would be a shift to the full range of corporate accounting. It would also look fantastic on my resume to work at the headquarters of Verizon. I'd happily give up my office for that.

I told a former colleague (and friend), Tom, that I was interested in moving down the street. Unbeknownst to me, he told another former colleague, Seksit, that I was looking. All three of us used to be auditors together at the same firm. When I left the firm, I came here. When Tom left - he became a senior accountant then moved up to be Controller at one of the places we used to audit together. (Fun fact: we'd both daydream of working at that audit client back in the day. Tom is now living the dream.) When Seksit left the firm, he went into another audit firm. He apparently loves his audit firm - and that is where he's trying to get me hired.

Auditing. I hated it on many levels back when I did it. Driving distances. Travelling tons. Lugging around everything you'd need for your office space (which is always onsite at the client). Sharing a conference room with your audit team (read: no privacy, no personal space - at all). Not to mention the stress - the hours worked during busy season - which was a minimum of 55 or 60 hours for 3 months of the year. Would I really want to go back? Well, contrary to my old firm, this firm would have me on only two out of town clients: one in Key West (where I'd stay on Duval Street during the audit) and one in Vegas. Ok, clearly, that's better. Also, it's only for a few weeks a year - as opposed to nearly 50% travel with my prior firm. Ok, good. There's no avoiding busy season or sharing a room with fellow auditors. But - this firm has it's perks. My desk (cubicle) that I would have would be downtown - overlooking Orange Avenue from the 8th floor - which I'd be there for somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 the year. Waaaay better than my old firm. Also, the "slow season" for this firm is from September to December/January. We work half days every Friday. That's awesome. They don't work manadatory Saturdays during busy seaosn - thank god.  Also - and this is the most important part - I could be promoted to Audit Manager within two years. I'd be thirty as an Audit Manager. That would be incredible. Auditing is always highly regarded on any resume. It always looks good to have auditing on your resume - the more the better.

On some level I hate myself for leaving auditing. I was a senior when I left - and I'd be going back as a senior, too. My staff - Seksit - who is trying to get me hired again - is going to be promoted to senior. Meaning, he will be at my level. If I wait any longer - I could end up working FOR him. And to think of the fact that I may have been able to be an Audit Manager right now if I had not have left.... Well, I won't go there.

Will I go back to auditing? I don't know. I'm hoping for Verizon at this point yet I'm preparing myself for auditing just in case. We'll see if Verizon finds me to be qualified when I meet with them next week.

Anyway, this is what keeps me from sleeping at night. Thinking about what is a smart choice for my future versus what I find to be comfortable right now (this pay, these hours, this office, etc). I've always been so good at determining what is best for my future. I don't understand why I've been in denial for so long. How I've allowed myself to just get comfortable. It's time I let go, man up and get the fuck over it.

I know what's best for me and it's time for a change.
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