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I am engaged, officially.

It happened on the cruise to the Bahamas - on the back of the ship at night. He got down on one knee. He told me he's never met anyone like me & he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. It was a beautiful moment. It was perfect. To add to the magic of the evening - we went to the Schooner lounge (where there is a live pianist playing) to have champagne to celebrate. As we were walking in I told Kevin that I wanted to request "Moondance" by Van Morrison because it is my in-love song. We sat down and immediately a server came over to take our drink order.... And JUST as we ordered the champagne, the beginning of Moondance started playing. I was near tears at the fate of perfect timing.

Once I got home, I told my parents - and when I told my mom the date that he proposed on - she broke down in tears. It was the same day that my grandparents met each other. My grandfather, who passed on in 2003 from cancer, said that he fell in love with her on that day. My mom told me that my grandfather was there with us on that special night & I cried again. That helps explain why the evening was so magical.

Wishing everyone who reads this the brightest of smiles and the warmest of hugs,
The Happiest of Fiancees
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