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Smile like you mean it

Just over a week ago I went to the Killers show with Kevin and his buddies. It was a triple date (three couples, his best friend & girlfriend - and their little siblings who are also dating. Crazy) I totally ragged on Kevin for liking them because there have been bands I love & played for him - only to invoke the "eh, they're alright I guess" response. So I did the same to him on this band. Well, Kevin made me an album to better acquaint myself with their songs so I would recognize them at the show. At first I wasn't into it but now I can't stop listening to the damn cd. It's a cd of different songs from different albums but I think I like the first two far more than the last album.

So- update on my life.... I have been with Hacker on four different clients now. Three of the four have been over an hour drive away - which kinda sucks but can be cool at times. Next week I'll be living in a hotel room because I can't stand driving an hour and a half to & from work. It's exhausting. Also, they aren't too keen on giving you any time for personal matters. My senior on the job told me I couldn't leave an hour early to look at houses... and when I've been working like 50 hour work weeks - driving all over the place & such... It would only leave me the weekends to find a house. At that rate, I'd never find a house before the $8k credit is up. It turns out, though, I did. There was so much drama over it, it seems. But things are falling into place.

It all started a week ago Wednesday. I was able to sneak out of work half an early since my senior had to go to Meet the Firms. :) I saw the house, dreamed of it that night - and the next day got a call from my realtor saying the house had no offers on it because you could only go conventional since it needs a new roof. I heard of this on Thursday afternoon. I wanted to submit the offer on Friday but because I work so much I wasn't able to complete the paperwork before Friday afternoon. So it spilled over to Saturday. My realtor is awesome & met up with me at 8pm on Saturday night in her office. I brought her a cupcake from Sprinkles in Winter Park to thank her for her trouble & also to say "Happy Birthday" since her birthday had just passed. On Saturday, I was so excited that I lost my appetite. This is AFTER I jogged & sped walked six miles. It was crazy. So Sunday goes by & so does Monday - all the while I'm so excited and hopeful over my house. Then Tuesday comes. I receive a call from my realtor at 9am. She left a voicemail... And somehow I just knew this was going to be bad news. I dreaded listening to the voicemail but I did. And the use of phone time put me in the dog house with my senior... Which was so awesome. >:I I found out that the house, which was owned by the bank - was listed with a realty company for 60 days. When those 60 days expired - it went to a different company in hopes that it would have a better chance in selling if it switched sellers. So, basically - this happened over the weekend & my offer was sent to the former realtors of the property. On Tuesday, there were numerous offers on the property because they dropped the price a few grand & accepted FHA offers. I freaked out. I offer $16k more than the asking price.

Today I got the email from my realtor. I was the winning offer - paying over 16k more for the house & going conventional apparently made me the strongest offer :) Well, in the body of the email said "Don't get excited yet - the deal isn't for sure". Why? Well the bank that owns my house was considering doing an auction for the property. So it was imperative to send in the paperwork TODAY (Friday) before the bank closed - that way they would not proceed (and succeed) at having an auction on the property. I sent in my papers & check but was so afraid. I work at banks - and this is the eve of a three day weekend.... So everyone at the bank today was already on holiday mentally. I called the realtor on the bank's side (since I saw her number from a forwarded email to me from my realtor) to try & push her to call the bank. While she was explaining to me that she couldn't do a thing but wait - she stopped. "Oh wait ... is this for the property on..."? At first I was thinking, "fuck.... she thinks she's talking to someone else" - but then I heard her say "I just got it right here - at 4:47. Your offer is being executed. I JUST received this email from the bank while we were talking". Well, I fucking shouted, I was so happy. I'd have to say - that was the best start to my three day weekend. Kevin has been trying to take me out to dinner to celebrate my job - but I told him "you can take me out when I get a house"... So tonight we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. :) I'm happy as a clam.

Here's hoping my happy energy flows your way. I hope you are feeling it, too <3
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