Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (misskittykat) wrote,
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

Summer time, when the livins easy...

Busy season is over. I survived! Now I need one serious vacation. I have little trips planned: a trip to Tampa for my adorable friend's birthday ;), St. Pete for a beach weekend, Siesta for a lovefest weekend, 5 days of the Bahamas with the hubby and a weekend in New York which I'm so stoked about that I cannot shut up. It will be my first trip to New York - I'm making the trip with an old friend (who also used to be an old travel buddy) and I'm going to see one of my favorite bands. It's going to be all sorts of awesome packed.

I'm excited that busy season always ends right before my birthday. We work mandatory Saturdays until April... The first weekend in April is my first Saturday off of the year. I made the most out of it this year by getting acupuncture done, a massage, facial & pedicure on that first free Saturday of mine. Even though pedicure was mediocre, I (absolutely) hate facials and the massage therapist was fucked up & telling me all of her problems (which made this session feel like work instead of relaxation - trying to assure her that she would find a man...) it was still better than sitting at work - right across from the people I see way to much of during the week, let alone the weekends.

I was surprised by all the birthday free-bees that I received this year: a free dinner at Texas de Brazil, a free dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, a free pearl bracelet from Helzberg Diamonds, a free yoga class from Red Sun Yoga (my favorite free-bee) and a free small item from Jeremiah's. Faaaahhck yes! I used all of them :)

Now that busy season is over, things have slowed down a bit. Unfortunately, my favorite co-worker at the firm put in his resignation. Which means I'm now being promoted to his job. This is not exactly exciting to me for a few reasons. I'll name them: 1) There is much increased liability and responsibility in this job title with no corresponding increase in salary. 2) The partners will yell at me & not my staff if something goes wrong... So increased stress for sure and 3) I will have no one to ask for guidance... I will be the voice of guidance. The bright side of this deal: I get to put "Senior audit staff" on my resume (finally) after over a year of doing senior duties (in both audit testing as well as training the staff). To be honest, I've been looking for a new job for a few weeks now. I would love a change of pace - less driving, less overnight travel - less fucking hours being away from my house. I'm a workaholic, no doubt... But weekend working BLOWS when you already work 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday. I'm ready for my own space. I'm ready to stop being an office nomad - carrying anything and everything I might need with me. Don't get me wrong, I love many aspects of my job. I love the opportunities it has afforded me (buying a new car and house without cosigners - and re-roofing my house, etc)... But I think I'm ready to move on. The hard part is - finding a job that would put my masters & my CPA license to work. I need a hook up somewhere.... So....

Anyone know of a company looking for an adorable little hard working red head who has her masters in accounting and her CPA license in hand? Let me know :D

My lunch break is just about over so I'll sign off with a - WELCOME BACK LJ FRIENDS! I've noticed that some people are writing again who haven't been writing in some time. :) Glad to see you/read your posts!

Peace & Love.
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